Continental Shield Calvisano vs Rovigo Rugby

Continental Shield Calvisano vs Rovigo Rugby

Rovigo was humiliated by Calvisano and the team is out of the European Cup!

Continental Shield Calvisano vs Rovigo Rugby.

by Silvia Malanchin.

The heavy defeat of Bersaglieri experienced at PataStadium (the final result was 34-0) and the simultaneous big win of the German team of Heidelberg on the team of Lisbon 38-7 put an end to the participation of the red and blue team in the Continental Shield.

The results of the afternoon determined in the second Poule a table, which sees Calvisano and Batumi with 12 points, but the team from Brescia is the first team because of the difference of points.

It is even simpler the reading of the list of the first poule, in which there is Timisoara first with 14 points followed by the German team with 13 points and Rovigo is the third team with 11 points.

The exit from this competition bothered and not just a little, firstly because of the way in which it happened and at last but not at least, because of the loss of 50000 euros , which, if Rovigo had played the semifinals, they would have been achieved by the club of via Alfieri.

But let’s talk about the match Calvisano vs Rovigo.
After the win got in Eccellenza, one might have thought all, but certainly not to see a match played in this way.

  • The scrum had some difficulties since the first minutes;
  • 5 suffered tries against 0;
  • 12 penalties done,one of which was indirect.

Rovigo had more players than Calvisano for 20 minutes due to two yellow cards given to Calvisano,but the team didn’t score any point.

There was the same bad habit in doing always the touche, even when the penalty kicks were allowed from an easy position.
These data are enough to explain a humiliating defeat.

In different moments of the match lacked also one of the strength points of this season of the red and blue team: the scrum, which was always davastating, but at PataStadium it had some difficulties against the first 8 players of Massimo Brunello.

On the other hand the backs played on the same levels: they were inconclusive, without ideas and without a strategy, which would allow to carry forward the ball efficiently.

Only Odiete saved himself, while for the two wings we cannot say something because the ball was never given to them by the other players.

The centres were non existent and the fly-half showed a couple of good touches, but there is nothing more.

While in the other team the conductor Novillo permitted to the team to play very effectively, and when he was forced to leave the field due to an injury, his substitute Mortali was worth like him.
Then there was the same flaw in the defence of the drive and lack of concreteness, when this kind of game should be in favour of Rovigo.

On Saturday there’ll be the match against Petrarca, which will be the last match of the first round of Eccellenza.

The hope is that the team will find serenity and that the players will present themselves in the field with a different spirit, otherwise there’s going to be seriuos trouble.

Continental Shield Calvisano vs Rovigo Rugby

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