Rovigo 33 – Petrarca Padova 18

DI Alejandro Canale Tradotto da Silvia Malanchin
Foto della Rugby Rovigo

Since the departure from Treviso in the afternoon and, particularly during the match, the rain never abandoned me. I thought that the weather didn’t represent the ideal conditions for Petrarca’s way of playing, even if the field of Battaglini Stadium wasn’t demaged by the rain and so it let hope to see the team of Padova moving the ball with a certain degree of tranquillity. After all the weather in winter in Veneto is not so different from that of last Saturday, but in these climatic conditions Rovigo would have more advantages. And so it was.

The first half of the match was a monologue done by Red and Blue team but in the analysis I would go over these climatic problems (had by both teams) and I would like to focus on the interpretation of the game in these conditions. In this aspect Rovigo was amazing! A team with no doubts was seen, it was very beautiful to see all the team playing following a very simple strategy, but at the same time it was a fierce team for Petrarca, who didn’t or couldn’t obstruct it. Rovigo used his kicker to arrive to the 40 meters of the opponents. Its defence was very aggressive thanks to Edoardo Lubian and, in particular, to Jacques Momberg, who was insurmountable in the face-off one to one ( and I read that, written by him, he wouldn’t have continued his experience in Rovigo the next season). Maybe we can understand something about this result when the players in these conditions were the best in the match. In the mauls they drove the opponents crazy because they didn’t take part sometimes in contrasting them and they tackled the ball carriers stopping the action. In short the team played in an higher level than that offerd by the Eccellenza.

Petrarca couldn’t do a lot against this level and the team helped Rovigo because it did some errors in taking the ball even if in some occasions there wasn’t pressure. Doing so the team did too many fouls because it couldn’t play in the way it wanted since Rovigo had the ball and when it was passed in their hands they did a forward passage or there was a penalty kick against them.

It is difficult to give an opinion about Petrarca’s way of playing because no one saw it. In the second half of the match with a result of 26 to 6 a stronger Petrarca was expected to be seen and so it was. For a lot of minutes Petrarca has been near the try line of Rovigo, playing predictable pick and go against a well organised and aggressive defence, which didn’t resist and so it gave the chance to Petrarca Rugby to score a try only during the 60th minute. The team of Padova hoped to score other tries but Rovigo, after ten minutes scored a panalty try.

In 15 days there will be the return match in Padova and someone can think that the decisions are made yet ,but I don’t think so because Petrarca has a good team, which can produce a very dangerous offensive game, but above all, the history of these teams taught us that there can be changes regarding the predictions, so… Never say never!!!!