Postmatch Rugby Rovigo Firenze 2017

Postmatch Rugby Rovigo Firenze 2017

Rugby Rovigo were first in the table for 24 hours.

Postmatch Rugby Rovigo Firenze 2017

by Silvia Malanchin.
Foto di Stefano Teneggi.

The victory against the Tuscan team and the fact that Calvisano played on Sunday (rather than on Saturday) let the red and blue team be first in the table for a day.

The satisfaction for Rovigo lasted only a day, Rovigo were first in the table for a day until when Calvisano decided to beat Ima Lazio. The aim of the team of Joe McDonnell was the one of going to Florence and coming back with 5 points. Despite the fear which characterised the days before the match and which was unfounded, the red and blue players won against Pasquale Presutti’s team without difficulty. Already at the beginning of the second part of the match, the 4th try was scored, obtaining in this way the bonus point. But, and with Rovigo it seems that “but” will never finish, Ferro and the other players doing two mistakes, gave the possibility to the other team to remain near their score without a big break. Indeed it would be enough to Medicei to score another try to have less than 7 points between the 2 teams; this was a fact that could have caused some problems to the fragile nerves of Rovigo players. Bersaglieri played against a team which had a low profile ,as it can be for a team who enjoyed Eccellenza this year, where also the group of ex players (of Rovigo) didn’t have the opportunity to be dangerous. Basson tried to do his best, also trying to oppose the rucks and doing often the scrum-half. He was very capable to take advantage of the mistake done by Mantelli, doing the juggler with his feet and facilitating the first try of his team. For the other ex players there is nothing to point out: Maran went out of the field too early because of an injury,practically Lubian didn’t receive a ball,McCann was totally anonymous, Montauriol began to lose some touches at the end of the match, when the red and blue jumpers allowed it. It was invalid the contribution of Brancoli. And Rovigo? The same massacring scrum. It was remarkable the improvement in doing touches, where Parker and the others lost only one of them. The backs scored 3 of the 4 tries, 2 of them with excellent first phases, but there are still some problems in this group. Mantelli certainly played an insufficient match. It was not enough the masterful pass, which let Odiete scoring a try, to make us forget the number of mistakes -2 of which let the opponent team scoring 2 tries,that otherwise they would never have scored,if we don’t consider the penalty kicks – showed during the 80 minutes. This guy, I don’t want to wound him, was too enthusiastic after he played some high level matches. In Florence he played showing his standard. He is a decent fly-half, who needs to grow and mature, with a lot of work to do every day, otherwise he will be one of the incomplete rugby players of our rugby. In the next two weeks there will be two Continental Shield matches and then the team will come back to Battaglini to play the derby (against Petrarca Padova). There are 15 days to prepare in the best way the match against Padova, which will be fundamental in order to have a place in the final.

Postmatch Rugby Rovigo Calvisano 2017

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